10 Secrets Girly Girls Will Never Tell You

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What makes a girly girl? Perfect makeup and pristine hair? Being at one with your feminine side? Screaming when boys come too close? It’s all too easy to make sweeping assumptions when you meet a girl who seems overly in touch with her inner goddess, but actually we’re not as put together or as intimidating as we make out.

The main comparison to a girly girl is probably a tomboy – and both of these female stereotypes can be easily picked apart in order to dismiss assumptions about women taking on characteristics from each ‘category’. However, if we’re looking at overly feminine females, the stereotypical girly girl will usually always be perfectly covered in makeup, shriek when she stands in a puddle, prefer skirts and dresses over trousers, rarely swear in public, wear cute matching clothing combos, and generally just act like a total Disney princess. However, it’s all a TOTAL SHAM.
Sure, a girly girl might take time on her appearance to enhance her femininity and dismiss the idea of leaving the house looking a mess (she’s got expectations to uphold, remember – you know, those ones she set herself), but she isn’t a one dimensional character. She’s a real life human being, not a Barbie doll.
Here are 12 secrets you should know about the girliest of girls, in order to put any preconceptions you had about them to one side.

10. Sometimes We Put Our New Makeup On Over Old Makeup

tumblrDo you have any idea how great mascara looks when you put on a new layer over an old layer? Sure, going to bed in last night’s make up is probably a bad idea with regards to skin care – but seriously, that day you thought your girly BFF had bought a fab new mascara? Actually she just had two days worth of eye crap on.
It might sound disgusting, but sometimes when we’re in a rush, we just work with whatever’s still on our face from the day before (because honestly, we don’t spend ten hours getting ready, even though it sometimes might look that way). Just don’t judge us. We’re normal human beings too.

9. Sometimes We Don’t Wear Any Make Up

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.Usually when we’re in the house alone. Seeing a girly girl on the street, on Instagram, on Facebook or anywhere in real life where she looks totally put together is not what she looks like every single hour of the day. Ok, so social media especially makes her look amazing, and all her followers are in awe because her lipstick is never smudged and her hair is always in perfect place. But that’s because the girly girl makes a conscious effort to portray a beautiful female persona. It’s not because she’s stuck up, it’s more due to the fact that she likes to look nice to the outside world.
Don’t worry though – when she’s hungover, the girly girl looks exactly like the mess that any hungover person looks like. And she feels like a mess too.

8. Sometimes We Forget To Shave

Yup, just like everybody else – because the girly girl is still just a regular female, not a robot whose legs and lady bits and armpits are constantly shiny and new. We might get a wax now and then if we can afford it, but more often than not, we’re shaving with razors just like anybody else. Or sometimes, we’re not shaving with razors, because it’s cold outside and we’re wearing jeans instead of a dress (shock horror) and actually we can’t be bothered to maintain our body hair.
These preconceptions of being feminine are exhausting. Heaven forbid the girly girl takes a man home without having preened every part of her body. He’d probably just run screaming for the hills.

7. Sometimes We Just Want To Roll In The Mud

youtube.comIt doesn’t matter that being a girly girl apparently means being all feminine and wearing cute clothes and looking pristine. We want to go wild too. All those times we looked nice at those family gatherings and at prom and other peoples weddings? We’re just wanted to tear our beautiful dresses off and run wild and free into a muddy field and crazily roll around in it and get dirt in our hair and under our nails and just be totally and utterly unabashed.
Sometimes all these expectations of being girly than most girls can be stifling. WE CAN BE DISGUSTING TOO, OK?

6. We’re Not As Nice As We Seem

Girly girls seem to have this image pasted to them which says ‘I am so so so nice, and I will do anything for anyone’. Sure, we might seem extra generous at times, and polite, and smiley. We will help people just as much as the next person would. That’s just human nature, and is not inextricably linked to our girly personas.
But seriously, when we’ve had a bad day at work and have had to get through a series of BS complaints from various clients or taken a serious verbal beating from our boss because we weren’t paying enough attention in the Monday morning work meeting, sometimes we get a bit fighty. A bit crass. A bit angry and sweary. We might not do it in public, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get as wound up and pissed off as anyone else.
We’re just a little better at holding it in until we get through our own front doors.

5. We’re No More High Maintenance Than The Next Female

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What, you think because we look like we spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes and accessories mean we’re not going be a fun girlfriend? You are so wrong. The girly girl’s overall image will make her an instant hit with your family – because what mum doesn’t like the look of her son’s new girlfriend when she’s wearing kitten heels and a floral dress with a sensible cardigan?
Don’t assume that because we make an effort with our appearance, this will make us any more to handle than any other ‘type’ of girl. We still want to watch crappy television programs, sing louldy in the shower, and messily make pizzas in the kitchen. Sure, we might want to go shopping a little more than necessary, but chances are you might want to go shopping too.

4. We’re Actually Really Easy To Buy Gifts For


Perfume, jewellery, clothes, shoes: any donations to the wardrobe department of a girly girl’s life are going to be most welcome, thank you. There is a silly assumption that the more feminine of females are hard to buy gifts for – perhaps because it seems we have higher expectations than say, tomboys – which is ridiculous.
Just buy us a few cool DVDs and a bunch of flowers, and we’re happy as Larry. There is no need to stress over designer handbags and expensive stilettos; if we really want you to buy us something, we’ll tell you. We’re no harder to please than anyone else, and actually the range of gifts out there for woman are expansive and not always too pricey.

3. We Have To Work To Maintain Looking Graceful

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Clumsiness is just part of human nature. Just because you don’t see a girly girl walking into tables and lamp posts doesn’t mean she’s got the agility of a gazelle. She’s just better at hiding it when her heel gets stuck in a paving slab or she’s spilled spaghetti down her white shirt. The girly girl is prepared for such emergencies, and in order to not panic, sorts herself out discretely instead of screaming “THERE’S PASTA DOWN MY CLEAVAGE!”
And all those other things you think look mega sophisticated? Like her manicured nails, her flawless hair, and her overall calm demeanour? These are all elements that the girly girl has to work on. No one was born with the ability to never chip a nail. It’s just a matter of having the objects to hand at the time in order to brush over a flaw in appearance.

2. We Get Sick Of Compliments

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Girly girls appear to draw compliments from friends and strangers alike, but sometimes those niceties are not actually all that well deserved. Obviously it’s great to be told we look nice, or to be asked where our cute cat top and shorts came from, but we’re just like everybody else. We saw something we liked, we bought it (and probably regretted it the next day because we didn’t need it) and then just made the most of it.
Girly girls are often commented upon, but we don’t dress to receive those compliments. We just have a particular style and wear it because it makes us feel good. Just like a guy might buy a cool suit and wear it because he looks great in it. We are not trying to represent fashion show models. We’re just trying live, god dammit.

1. Weddings Are Big On The Future Agenda


If the girly girl looks forward to anything in life, it’s her wedding day. Not in a stereotypical sexist way: it’s based more on the fact that this will be the one day where she can look absolutely amazing, spend a stupid amount of money on a wonderful glorious dress, and enjoy a whole day being the centre of attention and genuinely accepting compliments about how fabulous she looks.
The arranging of the wedding might be a little tense; the girly girl will probably want to have all the details down to a T, and it might end up being a little more to her taste than to the guys. But the wedding itself will probably be executed with perfection, and she’ll look stunning when it comes down to the actual day.