Who Am I?

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You ask Who Am I? Here's the Answer
Engineering is my profession, Art is my passion and Writing is my life...
I wouldn't express myself any differently, but i'll only say,
if anyone ask me what do i want to do with my life when i grow older, i wont find a real answer, yet, i would say:

I want to be a cook, so that everyone enjoy my tasty meals, i would want to be a teacher to teach kids, that life is beautiful, i would want to be a healer to heal the ill, i want to be a psychiatrist to understand how people think, a cardiologist to cure their sick hearts, but also i want to be a dreamer, i want to be free and i want to be happy, and these aren't professions?!?
but then a writer writes with taste, and everyone enjoy his "meals", a writer draws the beauty of life in little kids minds, a writer use his words to heal pain, he can understand the craziest person, a writer has the ability to cure sick hearts, but mostly a writer is a dreamer, he's free, and as he writes he draws happiness everywhere!
found it! i want to be a writer!