Can you find the Easter Egg in Less than 7sec?

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Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your General Knowledge?

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Do You Belong To 2% Or 98% Of The World’s Population?

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How Attractive Is Your Personality?

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What Do Others Think Of You?

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Can We Guess Who You Are in Only 20 Questions?

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Who is Secretly in Love With You?

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Wanna Know who's your secret crush is??

Ethereal Portraits

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Anna Dittmann is a 21-year-old digital illustrator from San Francisco with a passion for enigmatic portraiture. Her paintings are a sight to behold: ethereal portraits inspired by nature that look like they’re watercolor or ink, but are in fact digital masterpieces. “I began taking painting more seriously when I discovered Photoshop around age 13. A lot has changed since then, but I still have that childlike excitement every time I see and create art. I have a love for nature, biology, and portraiture which are recurring themes throughout my work. Ethereal and atmospheric moods have always appealed to me because the sense of mystery they evoke, so I tend create soft pieces with a combination of graphic and realistic elements. My inspiration comes from organic natural elements, mythology and history, movement and texture, lyrics and melodies, expressions, color variations, pretty much anything which makes me want to grab my tablet and paint!”

12 DO & DON'T to make the most of your space

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For all of us, home is much more than just a building. It is where we feel secure and loved. But sometimes, if not properly designed, it can be stifling and even depressing. At such moments, you feel a strong desire to change something in your living space, to make it look more spacious and airy.

Watch 6,000 Matches Burn, Amazing

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One of life's great joys is watching an elaborate chain reaction run of dominoes fall just as it was meant to. All the work, all the planning, and then in an instant, it's done, the participants collapsed. 

50 Shades Of Violet

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From the Caldera breathtaking views of the volcano and neighbouring islands. From the east, miles of dark sandy or pebbled beaches. Everywhere one sees small domed churches and remnants of days gone by.
This is Santorini seen through the eyes of people who know and love it ...

Flower Fashion

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When Nature & Art Combine, they create something so delicate, so beautiful, so perfect.

When She Captures Love

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Natalia Mindru is a Romanian Photographer, who's passionate about love.
These 25 pictures called "Lubiri Urbane" Are all about that Enjoy. 
Love & passion in intimate moments.

Quote of the day

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Cool Vaseline Hacks

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❀ V A S E L I N E ❀

Royal Is White

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What do you think about a white cosy bedroom, where al your dreams hopes and desires land?
Royal is white, here are 50 White bedrooms for your eyes only.

Flower, Bands & Readheads

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There's always somethin about Readheads a Boho Chic charm than no one can resist, a beautiful look, and it goes with absolutely everything!
Here's a selection of Amazing Hairtyles, that will inspire you, and if you're not a Readhead, you'll wish to be one.

How We Fell In Love

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i still remember the day, i couldn't take my eyes off of you,
and you, you felt the same!
that day is still, to this day,
the ‪Best‬ day of our lives !

How To Become More Creative

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Creativity is a hard to define, but in general, we can consider it as an act of turning imaginary ideas into reality. It only require passion and commitment.In a hectic lifestyle, the creative process is becoming much harder to achieve. Therefore, we’ve come up with 7 tips to help you in your everyday creative Process:

CHANEL FW 2016/2017

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Everyone got a front row seat at Chanel‬!
"Everybody dreams of being on the front row and today, everybody got to be on the front row and everybody could see the details ... so nobody could complain," said KARL LAGERFELD.

Real Love is ...

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Spring & Colors 2016

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Spring is here ! and either you're looking for an everyday look or more elaborate look, we have selecter for you, our favorite ! hope you enjoy ...

Satin Embroidery

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Are you looking for ideas for your floral arrengement? centerpieces we have it all here , check out our amazing selection of over 100 Beautiful floral designs.

Perfect make up for each skin

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Beautiful Hairstyles

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