Make up free !

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live your life ‪#‎make_up_free‬ ... It's not just the make up that gives you an extra layer of skin , and makes you think you're pretty(when really it doesn't make you any prettier), but all kind of make up, that covers your inner self, your inner beauty; when you wear a mask so they can like you, when you wear a mask just to be loved, for something you're not ...

the thing about make up, is that it wears off, sooner or later(no matter what brand you use),
 it will be washed away, either with time, or just you'd want to change the colors, so you can fit someone else's expectations, moral of the story is, when you live your life as someone else, you'll never be loved for who you are, you can never let someone else in, and if you hide long enough, you may lose yourself, under the layers of eye shadows, and lipstick you put on everyday!

 let yourself out, let your skin feel the sun burns, the rain drops, let people know you for who you are, not as some perfect image you let them see, don't fear imperfection, no one is perfect, fear losing your time hiding, until someday you look back , alone, no friends around, no one really there for you,trying to pick up the rest of your soul when all you find is dust !