Love of my life

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what does it mean to call someone the "love of your life"? it's a really ‪Complicated‬ question, but the answer, for me, at least, is very simple, i never qualified any one to be the love of my life, till now , the love of your life is the one you're willing to die for, and live for, he's the one to whom you're willing to give everything and anything, he's the one you love most, more than yourself, most of the time ! he's the one you think about when you open your eyes, and the one you think about last before you fall asleep, the one you dream about at night, and most part of the day . the love of your life is the one you live in die in, the one who becomes your hopes and dreams,the one you can't imagine a day without, and when you close your eyes at night to pray, you pray for him, forgetting yourself ! Real love is selfless, unlimited, endless, so if you feel that way for someone, it's probable that you found the one you can call the love of your life, so never let them go ! ever!!