4 Prom HairStyles For Short Curly Hair

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The Looks:
Under the Sea
*How to get this look: Part your hair off in front into two sections. French braid both sections, and bobby pin. Wrap remaining hair sections around a curling iron to smooth and define shape.

Starry Night
*How to get this look: Part your hair in the front wherever you want it. Back comb a bit, then smooth down and bring all hair to the middle of the back of your head. Bobby pin it in a zig zag, then grab the remaining hair, and twist it into a bun and bobby pin the bun into the zig zag.

The Golden Age
*How to get this look: Curl your hair into a set. Start at the roots pinning each curl. Let cool, brush out, and go in with a comb to start a finger wave pattern. In the back, tuck your nape hair under and pin.

Casino Royale
*How to get this look: Part your hair with a deep part, and start your rope braid keeping it low. Continue braiding until you get to the back of the neck. Back comb and pin. Curl the other side of the head with a one-inch curling iron.

( Via Top Knot)