It All Started With Writing

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It all Started with writing, and it all ends with writing...There's a feeling you get when you shut down your mind, and stop thinking about everyone else and focus on yourself, it all becomes crystal clear, you are what you're meant to be, but what are you supposed to be? who do want to become?

listen to silence, and listen to your heart, it's all in there, your hopes and dreams, success and failures, it's all in there, when you tak the pen, and hit the paper, an amazing flow of inspiration, hits you, and you just fall in love with life again, you write and write, you become a princess, a king, whatever you want...
Writing, a pen, and a piece of paper i all what you need, it's the key to a magical world where, all, and everything, becomes whatever you want, so dream on, and when you stop, wake up, and live the dream.Cause the est thing about dreams, is making them, into reality.