How To Become More Creative

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Creativity is a hard to define, but in general, we can consider it as an act of turning imaginary ideas into reality. It only require passion and commitment.In a hectic lifestyle, the creative process is becoming much harder to achieve. Therefore, we’ve come up with 7 tips to help you in your everyday creative Process:

1.    Randomize 
 Expose yourself to different random situations! Get out of your everyday routine and usual activities. You can change your everyday hairstyle, try new workout, cook something new, or just experiment! Basically, take a temporarily break your old habits.
2.    Have Some Fun! 
 Enjoy the act of creation, Open yourself up to curiosity ,it is one of the most important value to the creative process.
3.    Think outside the box 
 You need to take look at things from a different angle and change your perspective. Distance yourself and think in a new crazy way! yap allow the fun part of you to give his point of view !
4.    Take some Space! Some time 
 Creativity needs space and time, period! Clear your room and work space, take some alone time, and start creating.
5.    Don´t let fear, interfere!  
It’s ok to make mistakes! Don’t be afraid to do something wrong, that’s what erasers are for! You need to give yourself the permission to make mistakes and messes. Sometimes a mess clears everything up in your mind! 
6.    Explore!
 Open yourself to new inspiration! Visit new places, try new experiences, new is always better for creative process. Visit a museum, an art gallery, take a silent walk all by yourself!
7.    Meet new people

 Meeting new people is very important in a creative process, make new friends, the different will allow to explore, therefore, it will give you the chance to be inspired by them, their experiences and their stories.

Hope you Get Lots Of Inspiration xoxo
Let me hear your tips on inspiration