How We Fell In Love

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i still remember the day, i couldn't take my eyes off of you,
and you, you felt the same!
that day is still, to this day,
the ‪Best‬ day of our lives !

there's the one who says to you: you're my world, my everything, then turn his back, and say it to another...
and there's the other type, the one who tells you about how great that girl is, how beautiful the other one looks, it sure makes you jealous, but then he treat you as you are his life, his world, his everything...
so, trust no words, only actions.
He looked at her as she was the most perfect thing in the world,
She only thinks about, him, he was her perfect match,her everything
And the rest of the world, just look at them, envy them, and forget they exist!
She is his world, and he's hers

the moment we met, i just knew,
that i was dead, my entire life,
and i just started living
Forever, is a promiss

it might've been hard, it can be even harder,
as long as you're here with me, i know deep down,
that everything is gonna be ok

When you fall in love you don't just fall in love with the person in front of you, nor their look ( i won't deny that it's not a factor tongue emoticon ) but, you fall in love with the smell, the way they feel, you fall in love with the way they look at you, with the special smile, that's yours, you fall in love with the way they light up just for the sight of you, you fall in love with the taste of their lips, the way how your fingers intertwined, you fall madly in love with the way they treat you, and what keeps you going is the brains ! wink emoticon heart emoticon
you don't need to settle for anything less, cause the one, is definitely worth the wait !
fall in love with the one with who you can be crazy, together !

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